Friday, March 23, 2007

Larry West Still NEEDS YOUR HELP!


If you added me as a friend, thank you! If you put me as one of our Top Friends, Extra Thanks! If you added one of my banners to your MySpace page awesome! If you reposted one of my bulletins, awesome! If you posted your own bulletins and blogs about me, INCREDIBLE!!!

But the support shouldn't, and can't, end there! We're getting ready to make and sell, if not just give away, t-shirts, buttons, and flyers! Right now, the estimated total to do all of this is $500; We found who will make 500 buttons for $55, a deal so that we can give them away! We plan on silk-screening our own shirts, and the cost of that is around $200 for 100 shirts (ROUGH estimate), and we're looking at for our Flyers, and that's $170.00 for 2500 flyers, CHEAP!

We're looking at for stickers. We can get 500 stickers for $60, and that's pretty sweet! That, along with buttons, are the cheapest, and COOLEST, things to give out!

PLEASE Donate to the campaign! We REALLY need your help! Our web fees right now are $15 a month for both the web site and online store, and we need more cash to help pay for the freebies!

Please donate whatever you can to the campaign!

If you can spare $10, $5, or even $1, that would help!

Again, thanks for all of your help thus far! Keep up the great work!

NOW, if you can't afford to give, but you do live in Philadelphia, here's what you can do:

You can call, write, and e-mail everyone on City Council to change the law stating only 25-year-olds can run for Mayor and City Council and lower it to 21!


We need as much help as possible with that!

So, again, thanks a million for all the help thus far!

-Larry West

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