Monday, March 19, 2007

I Shoveled Sidewalks for Campaign Contributions!

Someone on a message board I go to recently asked which Mayoral Candidate they should give money to. Since I tend to post on that board a lot, I thought I would chime in:

Everyone else running for office already have a million and a half contributors. Nutter is a great guy and I wish him the best! But me? I'm just a normal guy, just like everyone else, and I have no real way of getting funds for my campaign right now short of stuff like this; Being very direct and asking people for it. I've raised about $200, and $100 of that is from shoveling sidewalks this weekend! So I literally work for campaign contributions! Lol!

I'm trying to hold rallies and demonstrations and have giveaways, but I just don't have the funds for it. So if you could contribute even $10 to my campaign, I would be incredibly grateful!

Again, thanks in advance if you do, and if you don't, then I wish the person you did give money to the best of luck!
So, there you have it. I'm not asking for much, but I would love to get something! Right now, the plan is to raise $500 ina week. $100 will help pay for buttons to give away, and I'm looking into ways to get t-shirts. I know how to silk screen and a screen wouldn't cost too much, maybe $50 at the most, and another $50 for the 3 cans of ink I would need. T-shirts could be bought for about $5 a shirt, if not sheeper. They may need to be sold until we raise enough funds to allow us to do it for free. Again, thanks to everyone who has shown their support thus far! I really need it, and any possible money you can contribuite will greatly help!

-Larry West

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