Thursday, May 31, 2007


In what is guaranteed to be the single greatest political announcement press conference in the history of Philadelphia, Mayoral Candidate Larry West will make a press conference concerning his run for mayor on Saturday. The announcement is to be held... on his front lawn. To add an even greater twist to the event, Larry West plans on throwing a small party as well, BBQ-ing burgers for anyone interested. And to top it all off, a concert.

Simply put, Larry's plan is as follows: At 12PM, he will start by giving a short, 5 minute long speech detailing what happened at the Green Party Meeting when he asked for their support, what this means for his mayoral bid, his feelings on the primary election, his feelings on the next 5 months, and talk about his platform. He is expected to mention policies of his opponents as well, but has not been available for comment on that. After the speech, a Q & A session with the press and anyone in attendance will be held where Larry will answer any and all questions concerning his election. Following this, Larry West will put on a short, 3-song set of songs. The full set-list will be revealed at the show, but Larry does hint at one song. "I may not have a band backing me up, but I do plan on singing and playing as much of Megadeth "Peace Sells" as possible." Why that song? "Who says I couldn't be the President of the United States of America/ It's still we the people, right?" The lyric speaks for itself.

The event will be Saturday, June 2nd at 12PM and, sadly, not open to the public.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Giant Billboards at 1234 Market St and Why They're Good!

Oh here we go again! The PA State Legislators refuse to give SEPTA more funding, and Ed Rendell is going to try to make sure SEPTA can still survive without raising prices or cutting services. Commuters are outraged at the idea of those cuts and price hikes happening, and everyone in this city can agree, it would be a disaster for either one, let alone both, to happen.

So why is the city fighting so hard to make sure SEPTA doesn't allow for advertising?

SEPTA is trying to get permission from The Philadelphia Licenses and Inspections (L&I) Department to erect a 2-story ad on their 1234 Market st Building. This has drawn some complaints.

Mary Cawley Tracy, president of SCRUB, and someone I admire, is leading the charge, stating, "They think they can stick ads wherever they can just to make a few more bucks." My problem in this case is that the ad revenue from this is going to cover SEPTA expenses and help them stay in good financial shape.

In May 2006, they had an ad up for Dunkin Donuts. L&I fined them nearly double what they got for the ad and they were forced to take it down.

Now, when I saw this ad back then, I have to say, I was shocked. But, at the same time, I had a smile on my face. While some people saw this as blight, I saw it as a step forward for Philadelphia. The ad was cool, the ad was interesting, and the ad was practically made for a city like Philadelphia. For all the belly-aching I may do about how much I wish Philadelphia was more like New York City, it was a step towards their Times Square. To me, it was a sign of progress.

Add into that the ad is in a very smart location; Between the Lowes Hotel and the Wanamaker Building, and it's close to the PA Convention Center, which is about to expand.

The ad that is coming soon most likely is for a bank, since Citizens' Bank, located in the building, is against it because it would advertise one of their rivals.

In all honesty, this isn't an urban blight issue for a change. Considering that Market St is constantly being barraged by ads, both on buses, bus stops, billboard trucks, wrap-around bus and car ads, the occasional car or truck stopping to give away free stuff... it's hard to go down Market Street without seeing at least 20 ads. It's a hot business district.

So why stop SEPTA from making money so we don't have to face service cuts and higher fares? As long as the ads (I sincerly hope there are more!) are kept tasteful and sophisticated, I don't see a problem.

And, to beat the rush, no, at this time I do not believe there should be any other new ad ventures in Center City. City Hall already advertises as well, and no, I don't want to see ads on Independence Mall or the Liberty Bell.

Photo by Matt, aka twoeightnine

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ineligible? NOT FOR LONG!

I've been talking about it for a while, and the progress is minimal, but it is happening. The petition drive, which amassed 300 signatures in 4 days, was given to my council woman, Donna reed Miller. They were promptly ignored. I wrote everyone on City council about this, and aside from Frank Rizzo's office actively trying to help at first, no one else has tried to help or contact me.

So what's next?

I am currently talking to a lawyer, and we are looking at the issue as, quite simply, an age discrimination issue. As the only major city in America with an actual age requirement for office (New York City, the nations largest city, has none), and since the state has said that being registered to vote is old enough to run for office anywhere else, we have a lot working in our favor.

Trust me when I say this; In the next few months, this is not only going to become one of the biggest issues in Philadelphia, but this will happen sooner than later! If your reading this and wondering what you can do, please CALL CITY COUNCIL AND COMPLAIN!!!

If I'm old enough to fight and die for this country I love, why am I not allowed to even run for office legally? If I am old enough to vote, drive, and own my own house, why can't I run for office?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


You can only imagine how aggravating it is to wake up and see people declaring Nutter "Mayor-Elect"; that, despite the fact the actual mayoral election isn't for another 6 months. All the local media outlets began to join in the chorus, Fox News calling him just that, and all the other stations reminding viewers that Philadelphian's have not elected a non-Democrat in over 50 years. But trust me when I say this, I intend on changing that.

When I announced I was running, it was done staring into the face of modern day Philadelphia Corruption in the form of Milton Street. I started out by demanding a change to the way things were done in this city, and I am still going to continue doing so today! I intend on fighting to the end!

There are still 6 months left in this election. I intend on making sure every single day is a day that you learn more about Larry West and my campaign for mayor! I want you to know I intend on making this election one to remember, and one you will tell your children and your children's children about. The story of a young man with a dream, and that dream was to make Philadelphia the single greatest city in America, if not the world. Many have told me that my youth will lead to fresh ideas, fresh takes, and it is a benefit, not a burden, for running for office. I have been through much in my short life, and every single time, I have come out on top, ready to fight until the end and prove myself the best!

A lot can happen in 6 months. I know I've seen my life change in a heartbeat. Being robbed on the street, losing my mother, and becoming the center of the media's attention when I announced I was running... the entire view on something can be changed so much so shortly. I am going to make the most of it all, and even if I can't get TV ad's, you will know the name Larry West by November.

While many may see Nutter's victory as a sign of change and reform in Philadelphia's Democratic party last night, I did not. When you look at the City Council races, it become painfully clear and obvious; the normalcy of corrupt City Council officials already in office remains intact. The reformers, the progressives, the people new to this field of politics, those who had experience elsewhere and those who had the same enthusiasm and want for change that I did, largely lost last night. It is a major disappointment, and one that should give many pause. Just how, exactly, is the next mayor going to clean up city hall if the voters are not with him eye to eye?

The Council Races remind me of commentary relating to the 2006 Mid-Term elections. Everyone in this country demanded change and an end to the glad-handing the President was getting from those in the Senate and Congress. But as someone put it, "People may hate the people in the Senate, but they think their Senator is doing great!" This is, in a nutshell, what we saw last night; No one is content with the people in City Council now, but they like the person they have.

I said it before, and I will say it again; I am the Dawning of a New Age for Philadelphia! An age where we do end corruption, where we can live in peace and harmony, and an age where we can live in a clean and safe city. We will fix our education system, we will fix our neighborhoods, and we will make Philadelphia great together!

To quote a great man, "Do not go gently into that goodnight. Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Larry West Makes KRAFT DINNER!- Annihilator

What better way to show Larry west is serious about becoming mayor than with a video paying homage to one of his favorite foods, Kraft Dinner! Well, actually, he's making Mafalda Pasta by San Giorgio and adding Kraft Cheese on top of that... This video was inspired by my love of Annihilator's song "Kraft Dinner." This instructional video will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about how to do this, with an awesome tip or two, too!

Monday, May 7, 2007

How I'm Spending my Time Until after the Democratic Primaries are Over

It's a bit boring right now. I'm talking to people, a lot of people, about just what the plan is after the primaries are over. I know I won't make an official announcement until May 29th, but I'm sure I'll make some sort of announcement of what I want to do. Until then, I'm mainly working on revisions to my platform. The primaries are great for Independents; It let's us look at what everyone else is doing and learn from their mistakes! I'm also working on a strategy to help get out the Larry West vote between June and November, as well as a way to get on the ballot.

Ah yes, the ballot in November. Well, let me say thank you to Sam Katz for dropping the GOP when he did. At this point, I now know how many signatures I need to get on the ballot: 1,967. Not bad, huh? That doesn't seem to hard for me, and I'm sure I can do it. But, oh yes, the age requirement. I'll be frank; If any lawyer is willing to work Pro-Bono, I plan on fighting for my right to run for office. If it has to, I will go to court for this.

Other than that, it's still is dead overall. As you can see, fund-raising is low right now, so please give to my campaign. Everyone else have tons of cash, and we don't. I've been playing the guitar a lot, playing Super Paper Mario for the Wii (Which is AWESOME! Get it if you can!), and watching Reno 911. I've been reading a lot, too; Mostly comic books, like Preacher, Alan Moore's run on Swamp Thing, and Hellboy. Oh, and Noam Chomsky, the book Fixing Broken Windows, and some other things here and there. I've done some spring cleaning, mowed the lawn, and started getting ready for, brace yourselves... to take my driving permit test.

Also, I just want to extend congrats to the 2007 graduating class of Hussian School of Art! The Senior Showcase was incredible and I sincerly hope you all get work soon in your respective fields! Thank you all for the support, and good luck!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Larry Reveals his Endorsements

Over the last few months of running for office, I've met a lot of really nice people... and I also learned about the true nature of some other people. As a registered Independent, I can't vote for anyone this time around, let alone in the heated Democratic Primaries. But since most people in this city are Democrats, I'll leave it to just the Dem's.

1st District: Vern Anastasio - OK, I have a reason for Vern. I first heard about him through a YouTube video called "The Anastasio Team". I had a good laugh but I didn't know much about him. After a while, I went to his site, and simply put, the man is a dedicated reformer. I met him before the Shame of a City preview and he genuinely is trying to make Philadelphia better. He wants to make the streets safer, clean up City Hall, and redo the zoning code. Plus, he's running against Frank DiCicco who has been caught up in the Pay-to-Play Scandal. 'Nuff said!

2nd District: Damon K. Roberts - I heard of Mr. Roberts through MySpace. I got a Friend Request from him. Normally, for politicians, I always have to look at their MySpace page and after seeing that he considers mental health on the same level as other diseases and he is also looking at different solutions to the crime problem. He's running against Anna Verna, who has seen her district become the most crime ridden since being elected in, and I kid you not, 1975.

8th District: Irv Ackelsberg - Irv? A poster named clivden on the board, sums the reason to support Irv Acklesberg better than I ever could:

Only Irv Acklesberg so far has actually gone on the record that he would end the relationship between the "protected and connected" and named the Germantown Settlement as the front for much that is wrong with 8th District politics - - and he is absolutely correct. Irv's background as a community legal services attorney working in the most neglected and politically manipulated section of the District (Germantown from Chelten Avenue to Wayne Junction - interestingly this is Paulmier's ward) gives him insight into what his challenges will be, but they must be amplified to all voters in the entire district in order for folks to focus on the fact that the 8th district, just like the city government at large, has wasted and misappropriated millions and millions of dollars and fallen way short of serving its constituents.

Irv, on top of all that, has 30 years experience in fighting corruption. He stood up to SEPTA and demanded fair customer policies, led the fight against casinos from building next to schools, cleaned up slumlord properties, and helped families avoid foreclosure. After speaking with him personally and hearing what he had to say, I support him! And, he also is in favor of changing the age requirement to run for office!

City Council At-Large:

Frank Rizzo: In the 2 months I have been crying out and trying to change the age requirement to run for office, Frank Rizzo is the ONLY person to respond to me and offer support. The man cares about the citizens of Philadelphia, and he deserves another term!


Rittenhouse Square/Philadelphia -- Last week, we told you about a young man arrested in Rittenhouse Square for singing. He refused to stop singing when a police officer ordered him to do so. No he faces possible jail time for the musical offense. As FOX 29's Gerald Kolpan reports, Anthony Riley says public singing is everyone's right, so he returned to the square. So did the cops.

Read the Full Story Here

I know these guys pretty well; They started supporting me the day I told them I was running for Mayor, and when I heard about this and the protest, I was more than happy to help. Anthony is a great singer, and the link has a video that explains everything.

I went over to Delworth Plaza at 3PM Wednesday, May 2nd, to go out and play my guitar a little bit. To my knowledge, there is no law stating you can't play there. After about 20 minutes, an officer came over and told me to leave, and I did.... and went across to the little island across from the plaza to play instead! It was only another 5 minutes there, but it was fun and there was support for the right to play in public. Later that day, after speaking to some officers, they said that it is permitted in certain places, and the place I was playing was perfectly legal.

So, there you have it; The police have been stepping-up efforts to enforce the arbitrary Musician Ban in what I call "Operation: Silence is Golden". And, my friends, it blows!

So, what can YOU do to help? EASY! CONTACT CITY COUNCIL!

CALL CITY COUNCIL! - Admittedly, this is a link to my "Refuse to be Denied" site, so PLEASE tell them about the age requirement, too! But, seriously, we now have 2 stupid laws that need to be changed! LET'S GET TO IT!

Also,fell free to call 5th District Councilman Darrell L. Clarke's Office about this: (215) 686-3442, (215) 686-3443.