Monday, May 7, 2007

How I'm Spending my Time Until after the Democratic Primaries are Over

It's a bit boring right now. I'm talking to people, a lot of people, about just what the plan is after the primaries are over. I know I won't make an official announcement until May 29th, but I'm sure I'll make some sort of announcement of what I want to do. Until then, I'm mainly working on revisions to my platform. The primaries are great for Independents; It let's us look at what everyone else is doing and learn from their mistakes! I'm also working on a strategy to help get out the Larry West vote between June and November, as well as a way to get on the ballot.

Ah yes, the ballot in November. Well, let me say thank you to Sam Katz for dropping the GOP when he did. At this point, I now know how many signatures I need to get on the ballot: 1,967. Not bad, huh? That doesn't seem to hard for me, and I'm sure I can do it. But, oh yes, the age requirement. I'll be frank; If any lawyer is willing to work Pro-Bono, I plan on fighting for my right to run for office. If it has to, I will go to court for this.

Other than that, it's still is dead overall. As you can see, fund-raising is low right now, so please give to my campaign. Everyone else have tons of cash, and we don't. I've been playing the guitar a lot, playing Super Paper Mario for the Wii (Which is AWESOME! Get it if you can!), and watching Reno 911. I've been reading a lot, too; Mostly comic books, like Preacher, Alan Moore's run on Swamp Thing, and Hellboy. Oh, and Noam Chomsky, the book Fixing Broken Windows, and some other things here and there. I've done some spring cleaning, mowed the lawn, and started getting ready for, brace yourselves... to take my driving permit test.

Also, I just want to extend congrats to the 2007 graduating class of Hussian School of Art! The Senior Showcase was incredible and I sincerly hope you all get work soon in your respective fields! Thank you all for the support, and good luck!

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