Monday, February 26, 2007

Official Announcement: Details Changed!

Due to circumstances that I did not foresee, the announcement on Independence Mall is canceled. The reasons are as follows:

After speaking with the Managing Directors Office of Philadelphia, I learned that they did not control that property (something I somewhat knew) and I had to speak with the parks department. Since the announcement was for Wednesday and it was Monday, there was nearly no possible way to get a hold of them since the person needed was out of his office.

A short trip back to the office, I told them I had decided to hold the Press Conference at Delworth Plaza at City Hall.

The cost for a demonstration permit, which is what I tried to file, is $20. The cost to hold a press conference is $1000. And, mind you, the only people there, hopefully, would be the press, and that's a long-shot in and of itself due to low name recognition, something I know and acknowledged before even wanting to try.

So, sadly, we can not have a large number of people at the actual announcement as I had planned... at least, not in the way we had planned. I am now trying to change this so that the announcement is instead made over the Internet, something I planned on in the first place, and working hard to get it put on local TV.

Details are sketchy. I will post the details once I know what's going on.


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