Saturday, February 24, 2007

22-YEAR-OLD RUNNING FOR MAYOR OF PHILADEHIA: "Well, the older candidates are acting like kids..."

Philadelphia, PA, Feb. 28th 12 P.M. - The dawning of a new age of Philadelphia Politics will dawn that morning as a young 22-year-old man get's ready to take the stand to run for mayor of Philadelphia! His reasoning? If the people running for office are acting more childish than him, why shouldn't someone who actually is mature run for office? The announcement is to be held at Independence Mall around 6th and Market St.

The main question being asked is what chance does someone so young have at running for office? “Michael Sessions of Hillsdale, Michigan, ran for Mayor in 2005 when he was only 18 and still in high school, and won! And he ran as a write-in!” says Larry West. “People did it because they were sick and tired of how things were being run in their city. So, yes, in honestly think I have a chance here.”

There will be signs and banners to indicate where the event is taking place, as well as a crowd of people. It will take place on the large grassy area next to the Constitution Center. "I picked Independence Mall because this is where the first revolution was held," said Larry West, "And this is where the second one will begin!" For more information on the event, please visit our website at


Larry West is a 22-year-old Independent running for Mayor of Philadelphia. His platform includes ending corruption by having all city contracts and city appointments past through City Council, limit all campaign contributions to only $1000, and instate a change to the City Charter to ban anyone currently under indictment or federal investigation for running for any public office! He will take into call the ideas of Rudy Giuliani and implement CompStat to pinpoint and treat all crime areas, crack down on minor crimes with zero-tolerance policies to deter would-be criminals, and give victims of crime more rights! Above all else, he wants the citizens of the city to be given more say and hope in their government, and he hopes to do just that.

Larry West is NOT Endorsed by the following: John Street, Milton Street, Vincent Fumo, Corey Kemp, Rick Mariano, and Frank DiCicco. Larry West is endorsed by anyone who wants Philadelphia to improve over the next 4 years.

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Larry West for Mayor

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nuwaivaaron said...

As a former Mayoral candidate here in Pasadena, CA and a former citizen of Philadelphia - I endorse you!

- Aaron Proctor