Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In the Unlikey Case I Don't Win the Election...

NOTE: This post is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. There is some truth to what you read, but not everything is a fact! Please proceed with caution!

Well, it's about 2 weeks before the election, and so far, I haven't been invited to one debate, forum, etc... It's enough to make you wonder what I'll do in case I don't win. I have sat down and thought about it. The answers may not shock you, and wind up pleasing you:

1. Get a REAL Job. It seems a lot of people are intent with me doing this and don't consider running for a mayor a "real job". I can only assume because you don't get paid to do this... and I haven't had any luck with fundraising or getting on the ballot. I should have taken Stephen Colbert's idea and gotten sponsorships. I have a few places interested.

2. Go head-first into my Art Career. I've had some luck getting freelance work during the election, and I just finished re-designing my website and MySpace page to get new clients. If running for office falls through, I don't mind just drawing again. I did go to school for it.

3. Audition as the lead vocalist of DAATH. Daath is a relatively new Death-Metal band. they just lost their old vocalist and it would be awesome to see the country, maybe the world, with these guys. But do we really need another major (OK, maybe not MAJOR) musician out there spewing their political beliefs?

4. Finally Start my own band! I've been trying to start one for a while now. I'm no Jello Biafra, but...

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